Lessons in Privilege

Many of us are really good at identifying when we are being oppressed, but I wonder if we can notice when our privilege is showing up? Personally, I hold a lot of privilege. I grew up/currently am middle class, I am highly educated, cisgender able-bodied, neurotypical, and I am a US citizen. When my privilege […]

Original Sin vs. Innate Goodness

I was raised in a Protestant Christian family, and one of the most harmful beliefs I internalized was that I was inherently sinful. It wasn’t until I studied a bit of Buddhism that I realized how deeply embedded this belief is in our culture. Buddhism teaches that our essence is inherently good, but this goodness […]

Antiracism as Being vs. Doing

I recently received a postcard recently from a former student I worked with during my higher education career. She wrote: “I couldn’t have imagined who I’d become, the walls of mine I’d breakdown, and much of that is a result of witnessing how you showed up for all of us in the Center.” As an […]