An aerial view of land that has been ruined by mining.

Just a friendly reminder to us all that oppression thrives on disconnection

When we disconnect from ourselves, then we get stuck in our heads and we can’t heal the trauma that’s stored in our bodies. We become more susceptible to gaslighting and even start gaslighting ourselves (a big hint that this gaslighting is present: when you hear the word “should”).

When we disconnect from each other, toxic individualism thrives and we aren’t able to collaborate, coalition-build, or organize against the oppressive systems that we want to overturn.

When we disconnect from Mother Earth and other living creatures, we forget that we are in a mutually codependent relationship for survival, and climate change continues to wreak havoc on all our lives.

When we disconnect from Spirit and/or that spark of divine within each of us, we cut ourselves off from the resourcing and guidance and mystery and wonder that spirituality nourishes within us.

So what’s the answer?


Reconnect with yourself by learning to tune into your body. Our bodies hold so much wisdom that is trying to express itself through tension, pain, and aches. We are taught to dominate our bodies, but it is life-changing when we can befriend it instead.

Reconnect with each other. I don’t think it’s accidental that ghosting is so normalized now. Learn how to have the hard conversations with each other, learn to hold discomfort when receiving feedback. Practice vulnerability with those who have earned the right to witness and support you. Deepening intimacy and trust will allow us to build those relationships across differences that we need to change the world.

Reconnect with Mother Earth. Instead of seeing land as property, how can we be in relationship with the land and be stewards of the land and its living creatures? Research your local Native tribe to see how indigenous peoples have practiced being caretakers of the land. If you don’t know where to start, I recommend reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmer for inspiration.

Reconnect with Spirit, however that looks to you. Whether it’s temple, church, mosque, tarot, or praying to your ancestors, connect with the Great Spirit that is greater than each of us, connects each of us, and lives inside each of us. Practice compassion and empathy with yourself and each other.

In these small, micro, and daily practices, we can resist and heal from the systems that want to oppress and exploit us.

And if you need support with reconnecting with yourself or one another, reach out. I’d love to help.

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