Hi, I’m Emily!

I am an liberatory coach and facilitator. I focus on supporting people of color and organizations who want to better embody their social justice values.

I hold space to compassionately tend to the trauma inflicted by internalized white supremacy (and other harmful systems of oppression).

We’ve all been swimming in the waters of white supremacy culture, colonization, and capitalism for generations. I am here to help you unpack what you’ve been carrying in your “invisible knapsack” so you can make more conscious and liberatory choices.

As a coach and facilitator, I can guide you or your group in unpacking, reflecting, and healing from dehumanization.  Through our work, you’ll learn to imagine new possibilities and take actions that heal trauma, rather than perpetuate it.

With a little courage, love, and compassion, we can learn to love our authentic selves and create a more just, equitable society.

Together, we can work towards liberation.

...freedom is not for the faint of heart. It is something one has to live into moment by moment, more akin to spiritual practice than power struggles central to social movements, more focused on our internal relationship to power than the external ones, which are reflections.


Tend to the invisible wounds inflicted by white supremacy culture

Heal dehumanization by reconnecting with your body and your emotions

Courageously embody new ways of being to get yourself ‘unstuck’

Learn to accept and compassionately love all parts of yourself

Cultivate a transformative culture rooted in liberatory principles

Actively recognize and address identity and power imbalances within the team

Amplify diverse voices for inclusive and values-driven decision-making

Embark on a united path towards liberation

"As a person of color in a predominantly white community working in the predominantly white environmental sector, I am constantly confronted with white supremacist ideologies and behavior from “well meaning” folks. The anger and resentment that was building up inside of me due to these frequent, daily interactions was starting to make me a hateful person and this scared me. Emily helped me to acknowledge and validate what I was feeling while also digging deeper to identify what was actually triggering my response in each situation. I discovered a wealth of information inside myself.

Emily helped me to learn how to trust myself which has gifted me with a sense of confidence and calmness that I didn’t have before. Now, I’m able to be present when a racist comment is made or a behavior is demonstrated without being triggered, which then allows me to respond (or not) from a place of power where I don’t compromise my integrity or my feelings. I can now be present with an open heart without fear of being hurt. There are no words that can describe how HUGE this is for me. It’s it incredibly empowering to say the least."
Elizabeth Gonzalez​
Administrative Manager, Seattle, WA

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