a black banner with white and gold letters that reads: Honoring Juneteenth! as Not-Black people. "Not Black" is circled in yellow.

Honoring Juneteenth as Not-Black People

Juneteenth is a celebration of Black freedom. However, the legacy of Black enslavement is still alive and kicking in many ways *cough*prisonindustrialcomplex*cough*. However today, I’d like to focus on anti-Blackness, and I’m specifically talking to those of us who don’t identify as Black. I want to invite not-Black folks into

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Generative Conflict as a Practice of Liberation

I recently did something that felt risky and a bit scary – I called in a friend. And though White Supremacy Culture showed up (as it always does), I’m grateful that we managed to move into practices of liberation, together. We were in conversation last week and she was trying

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Image of a medium skinned woman with an afro, closing her eyes and her hands are on her upper chest

“Where do you feel that in your body?”

If you had asked me this two years ago, I honestly wouldn’t know what to say. This was because my primary body sensation was numbness and disconnection. What I’ve learned since then is that our emotions and our experiences, both good and bad, are held in our bodies. When we

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Numbness and Disconnection as Protection

I’ve been noticing something that happens during my meditation practice lately, and it’s something that I think has always been there, but the noticing is new and different. Sometimes, when I am feeling tense or tightness in my body, I meditate and just check in with my body. There are

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Lessons in Privilege

Many of us are really good at identifying when we are being oppressed, but I wonder if we can notice when our privilege is showing up? Personally, I hold a lot of privilege. I grew up/currently am middle class, I am highly educated, cisgender able-bodied, neurotypical, and I am a

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