Transforming my Relationship with my Body

Since incorporating somatics and coaching into my life, I’m noticing how my relationship to my body has been changing. For example, I’ve always HATED exercise growing up – it brought me no joy, I was always one of the last kids picked for teams and an early out in dodgeball. Also, dominant culture taught me that my body wasn’t enough – I wasn’t the right shape, the right color, and something always needs “fixing.” As a result, I was always either fighting or disconnected from my body.

My coaching program taught me that that there is a whole community of different parts inside me, and often arguing with or ganging up on each other. One of the most powerful things I’ve learned from coaching is how to sit with and accept my parts.

For example, I wanted to work out today, but I was also feelings a lot of UGGGGHHH energy and an “I don’t wanna!” vibe. I found myself procrastinating, and when I finally realized what was happening, I took a moment to pay attention to that part that wanted attention and was showing up as resistance. As I sat with her and just gave her some compassionate attention, I felt my part soften. In this moment, she just wanted acknowledgement and then was able to let go, and I was able to get my morning workout in. Previous to coaching, I would felt like I was fighting an internal war that I needed to win and if I failed to exercise, I would either harshly judged myself or distract and numb myself and overall continue to feel pretty terrible.

My somatic practice also helped me pay attention to how I was feeling throughout the workout, and I could feel the release in my body during the workout. Working out can actually feel good! #whoknew?

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